Studying materials about famous athletes, Denis already back then at school realized how important it is to be strong. However, strength training mostly affects the human spirit world and emotions than the actual muscles. That is why training is so much need of intelligence and common sense.


Proper nutrition, restoring of strength and its rational intake - this is another level of Denis children's knowledge , inspired by his sport idols. At age of 11, he became interested in studying culinary. Denis has interest in recipes that give the athlete a lot of energy and amazing power, not fat which is the worst enemy of power. Denis even handwritten cookbook of his own recipes.


Dennis had founded the biggest number of sports playgrounds on the backstreets in order to practice Street Workout. At the present moment they are impossible to count. Since the installation of the first sport playground Denis began to talk about the program to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people in schools and other educational institutions, he lectures about the dangers of alcohol, smoking, drugs, as well he shows master classes on social networks and YouTube. Playgrounds are became a place of gathering of youth. Since 2004, it began active construction of sports venues and infrastructure for the athletes - ordinary guys who want to participate. By 2010, the Street Workout movement numbered over 50 thousand people, including children, not only in Dnipropetrovsk, but also in other regions of Ukraine.


Ukrainian public organization «Street Workout Ukraine» was officially registered in November of 2011. The organization's mission - to promote healthy lifestyle, intellectual and moral development of the society, strengthening of physical and psychological health of the nation. Aims and objectives: to create conditions for full disclosure of the youth potential, contribute to the manifestation of social activity in the community, to make healthy lifestyle as a norm of life, as well to develop infrastructure of yard sport playgrounds; promotion of healthy lifestyles by personal example of members in organization community


Since 2012, the Street Workout organization conducted tours of a healthy lifestyle through the cities and countries of the CIS and Europe, where Denis holds a number of festivals, workshops, seminars, on topics: - The concept of a healthy lifestyle. - Classical dietetics and non-traditional methods of treatment of the body. - Theoretical training for training. - Goal achievement - Financial literacy - Ecology. - How to turn a hobby into a business. - The development of sport as mass and most affordable destination.


In May 2011, in Dnipropetrovsk city it was hosted World's first International Festival of healthy lifestyle, which was organized by Denis Minin, together with a team of associates. The event was broadcast key internet portals and to create a positive social effect. In the June 2, 2012 it was held the second International Festival of healthy lifestyles - WORKOUT FEST 2012, where participants from 12 countries showed their skills and achievements. The event was attended by more than 5000 spectators. At the festival, it was announced International WORKOUT day . In June 2013, was held the third International Festival of healthy lifestyles, which was visited by more than 100 VIP-guests. The festival was attended by representatives from more than 17 countries around the world. There were more than 10 000 spectators. In December 2014 the Commonwealth countries through the Street Workout organization held a Street Workout World Championship, which was attended by 75 countries. This event proved to the international status of the motion and support all over the world.


It is pleasure to meet you – my name is Denis Minin.
This name was given to me by my dear parents on the New Year’s eve of 1980th. No, no, we are not talking about all known militias Kozma Minin, who is in 1612, in close union with the Prince and an experienced warrior Dmitry Pozharsky demonstrated pattern of heroism, and the ability to unite people regardless of their origin, religion and social status for the liberation of the Motherland from Polish invaders. However Citizen Minin and Prince Pozharsky gest is inscribed in golden letters in the history, and since childhood I have been associated them as a true dedicated patriots.

Childhood … I remember as ten years boy I collected the crumbs of information about all kinds of sports including photos of Olympic champions with a description of their way to success. … But there was no Internet, and me with my inquisitive mind, seeking my own way of life with direction and the formulation of goals, I had to dig up a lot of books, magazines, newspapers and search up in many libraries. Until now I preserved those diaries with the results of hard work I did those days. Perhaps I should publish it one day?

Studying materials about famous athletes, already back then in school, I realized how important it is to be strong. However, strength training in increasingly affects the world of the human spirit and emotions than the actual muscles. That’s why exercise need so much intelligence and common sense.

For example, the interest of the great karate master of Bruce Lee to the champions of bodybuilding sport dictated philosophy of spirituality, which he professed. First of all, he saw striking height of the spirit in muscular bodies of bodybuilders.. In the cinemas at me, looked ambitious and very demanding of himself man whose every movement was brought to perfection. But, in spite of his screen image, he was very polite and courteous in communicating and being respectful to others.

Interestingly, Bruce Lee, during visits to gym, had always kept a record of his training complexes. I learned also that Bruce Lee practiced earnestly and yet felt, paradoxically, that he lacks stamina, energy; he understood that the outcome of the battle depends on whois muscle will fail first.

Bruce Lee collected a huge library, where, along with books on the martial arts were 140 scientific works devoted solely to bodybuilding, he creatively reworked the huge amounts of information and based on the experience of its progressive and aerobic training made a special program for the training course. His own method of approach to training was exact copy with the principle of instinctive training of Joe Weider :

“Learn your experience, remember something that is useful, drop unnecessary and try to find your own path to strength and endurance …”.

Proper nutrition, strength restoring and its rational intake – this is another asset of my child’s knowledge, inspired by my sporting idols. At age of 11 I became interested in learning to cook. I was interested in recipes that give the athlete a lot of energy and amazing power, but not fat, which is the worst enemy of Energy: an extra hundred grams of fat, filled with the finest blood capillaries, puts a huge burden on the heart.

I even wrote a handwritten cookbook with my own recipes. Perhaps today it is possible to name it as a “Basics of modern dietetics”.

As a teenager, I was in awe watching the sport achievements of “Pole Vault Stars” Sergei Bubka – the Soviet and Ukrainian athlete. He was the first person in the world, leaped off over six meters. I was fascinated as a teenager by his sporting ambition, dedication, indifferent to records and titles.

Extraordinary fate of Sergey Bubka brought 12 years old me, to the Olympic reserve school. His goal made a great impression on me : to make something important for his city, for the people living in it as well as for talented athletes in there. Today, he is funding children’s competitions, pays for eight coaches in its center in Donetsk. Returning to normal life today, in which his name and titles mean nothing. It was not easy for him as for the most of retired athletes, therefore it showed him the necessity of finding not just higher education but strong knowledge. By the way, not so long ago, Sergei Bubka, who graduated from the Kiev Institute of Physical Culture, defended his thesis on “Formation of the individual abilities of students in physical education.”

For me it was another example to understand that development can only be comprehensive, harmonious in physical, spiritual and intellectual nature. In the early nineties, during the collapse of the Soviet Union and the establishment of an independent Ukraine as an independent state, many families had no means of existence, food, clothing and medicines.

My family was no exception. The main and important priority faced with the need to earn money. At thirteen, I was thinking about daily bread, how to help my family.

At 1st year of my tuition in Radio equipment building college after classes I had sidejob as a loader, and during the holidays -as a security guard. Throughout my educational activities I had also to cope with the influence of the time, when the criminal days were a fashion (dashing 90’s) and our lands were mass loaded with alcohol and cigarettes. Then, after graduating from Engineering College I had to work in various fields.

And more than once I had to remember the answer to one more of my children’s idol Arnold Schwarzenegger to the question “Is it easy to become Arnold Schwarzenegger?”. He replied with a laugh: “Easy like piece of cake! Which is require only to be born in the countryside, in a family of Austrian peasant – and count it’s done.

Do you think I’m kidding? Not at all, friends. People who has no need since childhood, rarely have any higher goals in life. But my father saw in me a farmer. Therefore, never be afraid to dream and aspire to! “. Incidentally, I was awed as a schoolboy, to see how future Terminator did his job with some persistence and perseverance . The hard work has brought him to 80’s “King of bodybuilding”not to mention his numerous victories. I was impressed by his honesty in recognizing the use of steroids in the early stage of development as an athlete, by virtue of their own misunderstanding caused irreparable harm to the body, and a warning to all young athletes not to repeat his mistakes.

Modern life – it is a fierce competition, which is able to withstand only by a professional. For any man desire to succeed in their endeavors naturally and in my opinion, to pursue higher education as a foundation of strong knowledge too.

But the desire – it is only a first, nevertheless important step on a long and thorny path. So after graduating from college with a degree in systems engineering, I got a job in a factory. I earned money to help the family, and at the same time paid for my studies at the Dnepropetrovsk National University on a specialty “Computer engineering”. It was then that began to earn my first of the money I have spent it on training (development). And this time I make it mandatory to train at a lunchtime. From 8am – 6pm at work and 18:00 to 21:00 – study at university. I was fortunate to work in a factory among good people where I also received management skills and self-development. Having such a tough schedule made me to be assembled, and plan time for a living, for study, training and track the sequence of my thoughts and actions and it’s cause-and-effect relationship. Also, I liked that I alone decide which way I should go, and I felt free. Childhood hobbies and the “lessons” my heroes gave me played an important role in here. Gradually I began to develop my own system of lifestyle that can keep up with much to achieve its task while remaining vigorous, hardy and healthy.

Watching the world go by, how aimless youths loitering around with bottles of alcohol and cigarettes in their mouth, clinging at the corners of the entrances and toilets, to take another dose of the drug and incubates body obesity and mind in the internet web, I realized degradation of the most energetic, designed by nature to create, part of the society – the way to “nowhere.” At that time, I left the factory (where he worked as the deputy director) in order to devote time to more important aspects of our lives. We had need for a single program to attract young people to a healthy lifestyle, which includes the development of the body – the soul shelter, the intellect – its creator and spirit – a unifying force.

So Street Workout was born. And the first members of the movement for a healthy lifestyle became my yard friends.

My first training bar in the yard I made myself out of metal scrap. I loved to control my body and by the power of the spirit make my muscles obey. By numerous approaches to work the same group of muscle until I achieved the desired results. That time I gather young people who were wandering around me looking with admiration at my achievements on the bar. I have heard many enthusiastic exclamations, children of all ages asking questions on how they can be the same. I was explaining and showing same time. And they tried. Once, twice … the hundredth time. I taught the children to use their strengths to think strategically and to choose the right tactics to work on themselves. It get better and better for them, and they liked it and take a pride in it with spark in their eyes and new muscle body. On arising questions about nutrition, work and leisure time I responded with pleasure as the person having the existing knowledge base and who achieved successful results.

From that moment I began to talk about the program to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people in schools and other educational institutions, I lecture about the dangers of alcohol, smoking, drugs, show master classes on social networks and YouTube. Playground became a place of gathering of youth. Since 2004, there began active construction of sports venues and infrastructure for the athletes an ordinary guys, who want to participate. By year of 2010 Street Workout movement counted over 50 thousand people, including children, not only in Dnipropetrovsk, but also in other regions of Ukraine.

Using the Internet as a tool for the promotion of information, I created a page on the social networks. I’ve got colleagues in other cities: Kiev – Ratibor Thomas and Ivan Kozachok Kharkov – Eugene Kozyr – and a lot more – active guys who have reached the same successful results, eager to develop and promote a healthy lifestyle. The greater your dream, the more important associates! I became what I become, only with help of people who worked side-by side with me – together we climbed this mountain and built our movement. We did it because we have built a very good relationship in the team. In other words, we were able to achieve great victories just because worked as a one. We owe our success to the spirit of cooperation and an atmosphere of unity. All help each other.

Enduring direction – it is in fact nothing but structure of close human relationships at different levels of the organization and a movement combined with an inspired concentration of all on a common goal!

They led the movement in these cities. And our main secret, respected by me as the Klitschko brothers – “The unity and achievement of goals! To believe in victory! And never alter our principles and values!”.

In 2010, under the official auspices of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych “2012 – Year of Sport” our movement has become a non-profit sports organization, and since 2011 has been operating officially as the Ukrainian public organization Street Workout Ukraine. The main activities of the organization are the promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people, intellectual and moral development of the society, strengthening of physical and psychological health of the nation.

The aim of our organization is to install the sports grounds in the bak yards in each city, and providing master classes to teach on healthy lifestyles. We say “NO” to drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling and computer addiction. We say “yes” to the new direction of physical education – Street Sport Street Workout with your family, friends, and followers of the movement.

It became my main activity. And for me, it is especially valuable because my family do not only understand but also to accepts my dreams and goals as well as support me on the way to achieve them.

Street Workout Today is very popular among young people as a proof to that a huge number of views on YouTube. According to approximate estimates for more than 150 million people across the country are engaged in this sport, and in the near future that number will increase to 300 thousand people in connection with the opening of new sites. Our organization already has representatives in all 24 regions of Ukraine, who are engaged in promoting this trend but the most important thing that this trend is already in all CIS countries and all over the world.

Dnepropetrovsk became the leader and founder of the movement for a healthy lifestyle in Ukraine and the CIS. For three years in Dnepropetrovsk it were established more that 300 playgrounds 60 of which are sports. In 2012, only at the expense of the city budget there were 102 new children’s and sports grounds, even more than fifty mounted on sponsorship funds. The plans for 2013 is the equipment for at least 150 sites, of which more than half will be used for physical training and sports, both children and young people.

In addition to the competitions and sports shows there will be held trainings on the topic of physical, spiritual and intellectual development. For us it is very important that young people changed the mentality itself and organize themselves and took a proactive stance.

If I live a life that enriches my spiritual life and spiritual life of people around me, so I live a good life.

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